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TPD - Regulatory Compliance

iStock_60764156_SMALL.jpgTo those involved in the manufacture importation or sale of products for vaping:
You will be aware that implementation of new EU legislation on 20 May 2016 will change the landscape of the vaping products industry

From 20 November 2016 anyone selling E liquids and accompanying devices anywhere in the European Union will either have to comply with the revised TPD legislation - Directive 2014/40/EU) or EU Medicines legislation (Directive 2001/83/EC). Those companies marketing their products without Notification or obtaining Marketing Authorisation will be breaking the law.

The easiest way to compliance is the TPD; this is the route that the majority of companies are choosing. The legislation is referred to as ‘light touch’ however light touch is a relative term!

You have until 20 November 2016 to submit your ‘Notifications’! 



If this is an area that is new to you - CambReg can help you to fully understand what is required.
We can recommend a compliant manufacturer if you know that you cannot afford to comply in time
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Compliance as a Consumer Product

When do Notifications have to be submitted?

Can I ignore this legislation?

Compliance as a Medicine