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When do Notifications have to be submitted?

Compliance Table

On 20th May 2016

By 20th November 2016

By 20th November 2017

Legislation came in to force

Non-compliant stock can still be

manufactured, bought and sold.

You must Notify your products – you can then
Continue to market after that date
Sell remaining stocks of non-compliant product until 20 May 2017.
New non-compliant product cannot be manufactured, purchased or sold.

It will be illegal to sell any non-compliant product. 

Only products tested and Notified at least six months earlier can be sold.

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All advertising is now illegal.

Sales to other EU countries are prohibited without necessary registrations.

Some small manufacturers will close down as they realise that TPD compliance is not viable.

Over the next six to 12 months many small manufacturers will close down.

Retailers will start selling a much smaller range of products

The market will have changed. There will be fewer vendors and a lot less choice.

Emergence of cases brought about by Trading Standards against vendors who seek to exploit ‘loopholes’ and ‘grey areas’ in the TPD.