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Cosmetovigilance Services

Cosmetovigilance Services

What to look for in a Cosmetovigilance Consultant

Cosmetovigilance applies to all marketed cosmetic products within the EU and involves the continuous monitoring and recording of all health related adverse events possibly due to any cosmetic product. Where appropriate action needs to be taken to reduce risks.

CambReg can provide you with a suite of Cosmetovigilance Services to cover your regulatory needs and to suit your budget. We can support your company to effectively address the increased importance of the new cosmetic regulation.  CambReg offers services to successfully support your company in meeting the cosmetic safety regulations.

Our Cosmetovigilance Services include:

  • Setting-up and running of a cosmetovigilance system complying new EU requirements
  • Services of Responsible Person (RP) and Qualified Person in Pharmacovigilance (QPPv)
  • Liaising with partners and authorities
  • Receipt and identification of AE signals
  • Processing serious unexpected events (SUE)
  • Management of adverse effects of cosmetics reported by consumers, health professionals or authorities
  • Data entry of adverse events in database
  • Providing traceable and physical address within the UK
  • Registering your products on Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP)
  • Submission of serious adverse events (SAE) to the competent authorities
  • Periodic literature searches for continuous safety monitoring of the cosmetic products
  • Support from GMC registered physicians

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